The Barn provides exceptional musicians and entertainment talent to ensure your ceremony and celebration reflect who you are as a couple and express the style with which you will live your lives together. We provide the latest and state-of-the-art sound systems and equipment exclusively for Léal's portfolio of venues.

We know from experience that entertainment is the foundation to any magical event. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence for every aspect of your wedding, reception or special event. From playing the most exquisite music, to providing seamless transitions between activities, all while keeping the dance floor packed and the celebration monumental. Our entertainment of DJs and master of ceremonies set the standard for wedding entertainment and create a memorable experience like no one else. Let us create a once in a lifetime celebration that your closest friends and family will never forget.

Your DJ will:

  • Meet in advance to discuss your vision, your wedding celebration and help you set the mood and style of music, you and your guests prefer, as you begin your lives together
  • Manage all things related to sound at your event - assemble the sound system, conduct a sound check and make sure everything is working and sounding great before the first guest arrives
  • Act as your master of ceremony making certain your wedding reception sequence of events is delivered to perfection
  • Deliver announcements seamlessly throughout the celebration so that your guests focus on you and have a memorable experience
  • Select music that reflects your musical tastes and will produce a fun and unforgettable celebration
  • Constantly monitor the energy level in the room and speed things up or slow things down when necessary

Our DJ's bring an unparalleled level of entertainment and enjoyment to your wedding and event. Let us create an unforgettable ambience and experience with music to celebrate your special moments in life.

Meet Our DJ's

Mario Tavares, DJ and Master of Ceremonies
Mario was born in Delaware and moved to the Bay Area when he was just six months old, and now lives in San Jose. His love for music began at the early age of six, where he started playing brass instruments. Once junior high began he started playing the bass guitar and joined various bands that led to signing a production deal with a major studio at the young age of 19. Since then Mario has performed throughout California both in concerts with Portuguese cultural bands and large marching bands. His DJ ambition started as a hobby and once he began to attract attention for his creative mix of music, he began to focus his elite technical skills as a DJ. Today his impeccable timing, attention to detail and exacting standards of sound quality can be attributed to these earlier pursuits. Mario has since appeared as a DJ in hundreds of events and now is focused exclusively on corporate events and weddings. He enjoys connecting with people and is known for his ability to 'read the crowd, to deliver the right music at the right time. When he is not discovering music, you can find him spending time with his wife and new baby son.

Justin Horrell, DJ and Master of Ceremonies

Justin Horrell has been an avid lover, performer and creator of music since acquiring his first set of turntables at the age of 12.  His initial intention was to become a performance "scratch" DJ, but was quickly recruited to DJ local high school dances and private parties. It is at these events where he refined his ability to mix pop and various dance music while catering to the energy and response of the crowd. Over the years, Justin has gained valuable experience as a performing musician, producer and recording engineer by DJing in diverse environments. Justin has appeared as a DJ in hundreds of special events and is now focused exclusively on weddings and corporate events. His love and understanding of music plays an integral part of his job.

"It's pretty simple, I just love music! It's been my life for over a decade. Every aspect of my day to day is enshrouded in music, from playing in touring acts around the country, to producing, recording and teaching private guitar and drum lessons. DJ-ing just came along with the territory of sharing my love of music with others. I love the emotional response music elicits from people, and to be able to provide that is such a pleasure."

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